Wildlife of Botswana: Small Wild Dogs

Wildlife of Botswana: Small Wild Dogs

In addition to the larger wild canines in Botswana, such as the Hyenas and Painted dogs, there are also some smaller species that are also an amazing viewing. In this Cat Ninja Pro article we will be looking at these smaller dogs and what makes them so majestic and incredible.

The first animal we will look at is the Bat eared fox. These small canines diet consists only insects and in very rare circumstances some small rodents. Their teeth and much smaller in comparison to other fox spe less shearing surface, cies and have a lot making them perfect for their insect diet. One of the aspects of this fox that is so unique is that fact that it is barely a fox at all. The bat eared foxes genus is far from that of other foxes, and it is a breed that is far older than is very distant cousins. The longevity of this species is probably due to their survivability in such harsh conditions. These foxes can be found in all regions of Botswana.

Next on the list is the black jackal, also known as the silver-back or red jackal. These dogs are known to eat just about anything they are able to kill, from any insect that is worthwhile to smaller buck such as the dik dik. Black jackals are also known to prey upon a variety of snakes, including the extremely poisonous black mamba. This species of jackal don’t usually form packs, but rather hunt in sets of two, as opposed to their cousins, the golden jackals who prefer to scavenge in packs.

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The Cape fox in the next small wild canine species we will look at. These foxes only grow to around 61 cm in length, making them much smaller than most domestic dogs. Viewings of these foxes are not very common due to their nocturnal nature, however, they can be spotted in the late afternoons and early mornings if you are lucky. Cape foxes are omnivorous, meaning that they will eat both meat and plant foods. They eat small reptiles, rabbits and birds, as well as carrion and fruit.

Last on our list is the Aardwolf which translated into english mean “Earth Wolf”. This is the only relatively small species of canine that is part of the Hyaenidae family, meaning it is a close cousin to the hyena. Unlike its larger cousin, it does not scavenge or hunt large animals, it is an insectivorous mammal just like the bat eared fox, meaning it only hunts insects. Aardwolves are spread across Botswana, however they are more common in the Southern regions, sightings of them around the Chobe national park and Moremi game reserve are quite rare.

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