Trump Millionaires Take Part in a Brutal Hunting Trip

Trump Millionaires Take Part in a Brutal Hunting Trip

Earlier this year Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump, the sons of the famous real estate king Donald Trump, went on a hunting expedition in Zimbabwe. A great deal of controversy arose when the Trump boys consented to shamelessly posing with their victims, among which were two buffalo, a kudu, a waterbuck, and even some of the more exotic animals such as a leopard, an elephant, a crocodile and a civet cat.

After being exposed to much criticism from the media and public around the globe, the Trump boys stood their ground and stated that what they did was completely lawful and all the animals meat was contributed to grateful villagers, however, many people have found it hard to believe that villagers were gratefully feasting on leopard and elephant meat. Trump Jr. later defended their actions on Twitter, “I’m a hunter, for that I make no apologies.”

It’s common knowledge that leopards and elephants numbers are dwindling as the years go on and a viewing of them is something special and rare, so why kill them? The brothers are now under further scrutiny, the trip is currently the subject of an investigation led by conservationists in Zimbabwe, the independent Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force says the South African safari company the sons used was not registered in Zimbabwe. In one of many disturbing pictures that were leaked from the hunting trip, you can see Trump Jr hold up the severed tail on an elephant.

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