Top 5 Holidays to Escape the Crowd

Top 5 Holidays to Escape the Crowd

We book holidays to help us completely relax, forget the stress of everyday life and immerse ourselves in luxurious new surroundings. Because of this, many of us choose to visit sparsely populated destinations where the likelihood of large groups being around is minimised. Escaping the crowds can be difficult however as the most desirable locations around the world will obviously attract plenty of tourists.

Also bear in mind the travel itself can stress you out before you’ve even reached your destination. Manoeuvring around packed airports and finding space in crowded car parks can often upset your journey. In this sense, finding a quiet and peaceful location becomes more worthwhile.

When it comes to booking your holiday, here are 5 of our recommendations to save you from the usual commotion associated with popular tourist destinations.

Cape Verde Islands

Made up of an archipelago of 10 islands, the Cape Verde’s lie off the west coast of Africa and, despite the hot climate and beautiful scenery, are rarely the preferred choice for many holiday goers. In addition, because there are numerous islands, this means that you can always go off to find a quiet spot for yourself. In terms of things to do, the Cape Verde Islands offer some outstanding windsurfing and diving areas, along with glorious hiking trails.

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Where plenty of backpackers and tourists will visit the Australian mainland throughout the year, the island state of Tasmania is often unspoilt by large crowds. Known as the ‘natural state’ due to its largely unblemished landscapes, the overwhelming natural beauty of national parks is palpable as you step foot onto the island. This gives visitors more freedom for hiking, bush walking and sporting activity without being crowded out.


When it comes to Europe, the Republic of Moldova doesn’t initially spring to mind as a travel destination. However, with a rich blend of Latin, Slavic, Russian and Romanian cultural influences, the country has plenty of interesting architecture and churches to take pleasure in. If you have an interest in vineyards and wine-making, yet wish for an isolated tour experience, then Moldova is certainly a place to check out.

The Arctic

Quite obviously, because of its climate as one of the Polar Regions in the world, the Arctic is rarely frequented by travellers looking to top up their tan. However, this doesn’t mean it should be disregarded as a potential holiday destination; there are plenty of activities to enjoy such as hiking, kayaking, whale watching and scuba diving.

Trinidad and Tobago

Despite its natural beauty and glorious climate, Trinidad and Tobago isn’t a Caribbean location that is flooded with an influx of tourists every year. This means that the landscape of the two islands remain largely untouched. Beaches are also not crowded with hundreds of other holidaymakers unlike in many other hot countries; this means you can soak up the sun in a more peaceful atmosphere.

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For the minor claustrophobe’s out there, remember that the world is a big place and visiting the usual, popular locations is not a necessity by any means. Be more creative with your holiday choice by scouring the internet for ideas or asking friends and relatives for any suggestions.

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