On Safari in Chobe National Park, Botswana

On Safari in Chobe National Park, Botswana

The Chobe National Park consists of a variety of vegetation types and geological features, offering extreme contrasts and a wide range of wildlife experiences within the confines of one park. The park is known for having the highest concentration of elephants in Africa and is Botswana’s most diverse park.

Two main tourist areas in Chobe are:



Situated on the western side of Chobe National Park, the most typical feature of the almost desert-like landscape is the dead trees – evidence of the erratic flow of the Savute channel over the years. Whether you visit in the winter or summer, Savute will never disappoint!

Throughout the year, the Savute offers spectacular game-viewing opportunities. Around November, thousands of zebras migrate south through the Savute and return again early the next year. During the dry season, wildlife congregates around artificial waterholes and attracts predators to these areas.

The Savute is famous for its large concentrations of elephant and lion and is also home to cheetah, leopard and wild dog. Lions and hyenas are often involved in territorial battles. Birdwatchers will be treated to some great sightings too and red-billed queleas are seen in thousands.

The Savute Channel is famous for flooding and drying up without cause. Early this year, the river began to flow again after lying dormant since the 1980s. There is much debate surrounding the mystery of the channel and its wet and dry cycles.

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The Linyanti area is one of the best wildlife destinations in Botswana, equal to the Okavango Delta especially during the dry season when the permanent water of the Kwando and Linyanti rivers attract vast numbers of game. The area has beendivided into 3 concessions, Linyanti, Selinda and Kwando. No matter which area you wish to visit, you are assured of a wildlife experience never to be forgotten.

Situated north of the Okavango Delta, these private concessions offer visitors an intimate wildlife experience in peaceful natural surroundings. The Kwando-Linyanti river system attracts game to its waterways and lagoons, and spurs migrations from the south. Between June and September, large breeding herds of elephant move into the area.

Other game in the area include kudu, lechwe, wildebeest, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, lion, wild dog, hippo and crocodile as well as a rich birdlife. Game roams freely between the reservesThe remote setting provide many wildlife viewing opportunities with its high concentrations of wildlife.


Savute Elephant Camp

  • Savute Elephant Camp

The luxury accommodation in Savute Elephant Camp safari camp is situated in the arid Savute area, offering an oasis amid the beautiful plain. All the luxury tents are housed on raised wooden platforms, offering great views, and shaded by a traditional African thatch roof.

  • Savute Safari Lodge
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The area is renowned for its population of bull elephant and for the unique interaction of the resident predator species. The close proximity of wildlife translates itself into the recently refurbished, modern African décor.

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