Everyone, when visiting the Land of Green and Gold, sees Sydney and its common attractions. Little do they know that a two-hour train ride south will take them to a hidden paradise they barely knew existed; this hidden paradise is Wollongong.

The people, the atmosphere, and the energy that only an Australian small city can offer touch everyone who visits.

Ever heard of Bondi Beach? It is one of the most famous beaches in Australia, and in the world. Every day of the year, it is crowded, and every time one visits, one realizes that it is still as overrated as when they saw it the last time.

Wollongong is home to the best beaches in Australia, and quite possibly some of the best beaches in the world. If the reason for visiting is serious surfing, the beautiful and always friendly Pacific Ocean will accommodate to one’s every need, with its waves ranging in size and power. If it is a relaxing day with great food and weather that appeals, this is also one of the best activities an Aussie beach has on offer. There is nothing better than sitting on Thirroul Beach with a drink and a snack, watching the crashing of the waves.

In addition to Australian culture, the food in Wollongong is eclectic. Whatever a person is used to is available, but for those who wish to eat out for the most part and enjoy themselves to their fullest potential, there are few things less Australian than good old-fashioned fish and chips.

One of the best fish and chip shops in the area is on Bellevue Road, known by the locals as Figtree Fish and Chips. Ask for medium or large fries with chicken salt, get some potato scallops any burgers needed or desired, and go and have a feast. Take it from a knowledgeable local – few things are better in life, as long as one is okay with forgetting about his or her waistline for just this once.

Shopping is certainly not scarce in Wollongong. Crown Street Mall is a popular destination for tourists and natives alike. Crammed with popular department stores, food chains, cafes and boutiques, Crown Street Mall is a buzzing community full of life and vibrant ambiance.

Wollongong is one of Australia’s hidden gems, glistening, shining and sparkling curiosity, knowledge, beauty and intrigue into all the hearts of those who visit. It is an affordable trip with so much to see, and if one is lucky slot deposit pulsa, one might just learn something about one’s self.