Winter Honeymoon Destinations in the Southern Hemisphere

Winter Honeymoon Destinations in the Southern Hemisphere

Getting hitched this summer, but don’t want to do the same old tired getaway to a warm/hot weather destination? Instead of waiting six months to go skiing in the Canadian Rockies or wandering Christmas Markets in Germany, why not head to the Southern Hemisphere instead?

Down there, they are having their winter, making it easy for a cold-blooded couple like yourselves to get out of the heat and into the cool. The following are the best winter honeymoon destinations in the Southern Hemisphere, as they offer a broad range of ways to have fun during the chilliest time of year for them.

1. Argentina

Endless glasses of malbec wine, world class ski runs in Bariloche, and the can’t stop/won’t stop nightlife of Buenos Aires … what is there not to love about Argentina? This nation is one of the globe’s leading producers of quality vino, with some of the productive vineyards being found near Mendoza.

Active couples seeking out the solace of the mountains will enjoy places like Cerro Catedral, La Hoya and even Cerro Castor, with the latter place being a new ski hill near Ushuaia that boasts of having the longest season in the country.

For restless romantics hoping to tango the night away, abundant lessons and dance halls await in Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina. With many clubs staying open until the sun comes up, you’ll have ample time to live the crazy life in one of the most vibrant countries on Earth.

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2. New Zealand

Those seeking epic winter views at every turn of the road will want to check out New Zealand from June to October, as the moisture laden winds from the Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean conspire to turn the Southern Alps into a continuous string of unspeakably beautiful snow capped peaks.

Despite the cooler weather, the action remains hot in locales like Queenstown, which doesn’t just offer access to quality ski resorts like Treble Cone, but also continues to offer cruises on Lake Wakatipu, which doesn’t freeze in the milder weather that exists in the valleys beneath The Remarkables.

Additionally, there are also hot springs that are commonplace throughout the country. At this time, they are at their best, as the colder air makes for a delicious contrast with the piping hot water, allowing you to enjoy them to the max.

3. South Africa

Despite being located in a temperate zone, people don’t usually associate South Africa with winter weather information. While it is true that places like Cape Town rarely ever drop below the freezing mark in winter, the same cannot be said in upland areas in the interior, which routinely get frost at night, along with the occasional snow flurry.

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Those that want to see snow on the mountains, but enjoy pleasant weather at the base will enjoy their time here in the Southern winter though, as South Africa offers some of the most moderate conditions at this time of year than any other developed nation on Earth.

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