Rajasthan Tourism – A Vacation Destination

Rajasthan Tourism - A Vacation Destination

Placed strategically in the North Western Parts of India, Rajasthan Travel shares its borders with many states such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab and the international boundary with Pakistan.

Rajasthan Travel is the second largest of India. In terms of tourism destinations the state is blessed like no other Travel To Rajasthan.

The state has unmatched legends of heroism that emanate from the stones of various buildings that stand witness to various pages of history Tours to Rajasthan.

The culture of state is exuberant with colours and cultures of yore that are passed on to the next generations by the previous ones.

Vacation Options

There are vacation options galore in the state of Rajasthan as the area basks in its monuments that have travelled through the past carrying with them the legacy ofour History and Heritage. Visit Hawa Mahal which is also known as the palace of winds Travel To Rajasthan. This place is the best known monument of Rajasthan Tours since it is neither a fort, nor a palace nor a temple. It’s different from any other monument. Although it has got great height and size, yet it looks like ultra light pack of cards that will simply blow away with a wind. City Palace is another option that is equally attractive if not more and covers almost 14 % of the city area. Main attractions of the palace are Mubarak Mahal, the Museum, the Textile and Costume Museum, Rajendra Pole etc. Also worth a visit is Umaid Bhawan Palace which served as a military base during Second World War. Rajasthan is not lacking in wildlife vacation options as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is sort of a paradise for the exotic local and migratory birds. Try to visit the place in spring as it is that time when the place comes to life Rajasthan Tours.

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Activities to do

Visit the Ranthambore National Park as it provides you with a different experience altogether and the chances that you’ll see a tiger here are greater than anywhere else.

Indulge yourself in bird watching at Bharatpur Sanctuary which is a veritable paradise for bird and the bird watchers alike.

The rural people are very friendly and warm and after meeting them you’ll wonder how human life sustains itself in these never ending deserts of India.

Indulge in the local cuisine of the state as the state is replete with delectable recipes. However, the most famous one is Dal-Baati-Choorma.

Try to coincide your visit with the local festivals as that will enhance the flavour of your visit.

Design your palms and forearms with the Mehndi which looks very artistic on your body and gives you a new look.

Hotels in Rajasthan

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  • Udaipur Hotels
  • Jaisalmer Hotels
  • Bikaner Hotels
  • Jodhpur Hotels
  • Pushkar Hotels

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